Wild Coast Sun Drift Expo

The Wild Coast Sun Casino held a drift expo on 5 March 2016 which saw a full field eneterd for the event. While well supported by the KZN locals, a few drivers were also in attendance from further afield, as far as Cape Town. Combined with a festival-type car show, the action drew a fair share of spectators too.

It was an amazing event for the crowd, with a show and shine, sound competition and even a skid pan where the spectators could go for suicide runs in a Chev Lumina drift car. A wonderful range of modified machines were on display including an array of wide-body MkIV Supras, MkIII Supras, 4-door R33s, 4-door R34s, S13s, S14s and BMWs with big power.


The entries consisted of:
Eric van Eyssen
Nick Frey
Morné Venter
André Barnard
Johnathan Plowman
Noer Asmodien
Paolo Gouveia
Luke Meyer
Mark Goodall
Trevor Puren
Jean Maré
Shain Ferreira
Brendan Puren
Gavin Puren
Joey Govender
David Rae
Chris Landsburg

Practice before the event was quite interesting as a lot of drivers were battling with traction issues due to the heat of the surface. Tyre pressures were changed to try and find what would work best, unfortunately it was at this point where the wheels came off… literally. We saw Jean Mare come out in practice and lose his front left wheel in the last corner on his newly refurbished S14.

Johnathan Plowman had a little to much power on his rear wheels just after initiation which lead to him sheering off the bolts on his S13s left rear wheel and leaving him stranded on track for a while.

Chris landsburg had to retire before the event due to coil pack issues on his beautiful pink S13, and Noer Asmodien retired due to a miss-fire on his wide body Supra.

After practice and qualifying, we had the standings for our top 16:

1. Gavin Puren
2. Paolo Gouviea
3. Brenden Puren
4. Shain Ferreira
5. Eric van Eyssen
6. Morné Venter
7. Nick Frey
8. Tyler Wessels
9. Joey Govender
10. André Barnard
11. Mark Goodall
12. Jean Maré
13. David Rae
14. Johnathan Plowman
15. Luke Meyer
16. Trevor Puren

The top 16 battles:

Gavin Puren vs Trevor Puren.
1st run saw Trevor Puren spin out while the 2nd run saw him hit cones in two separate places on the track. This gave the win to Gavin Puren.

Joey Govender vs Tyler Wessels
Wessels had a couple straight lines in both runs while Govender had better angel around the track which lead to Govender taking the win.

Eric van Eyssen vs Jean Maré
Both drivers were doing well, however van Eyssen had some straight lines in both runs, giving the win to Jean Maré.

Shain Ferreira vs David Rae
We had very close drifting with both drivers making the same amount of mistakes in both runs. This lead to the first one more time of the event.
In the one more time, some close drifting was seen until the second run where Rae spun and caused Ferreira to exchange paint with Rae’s car. Shain Ferreira therefore took the win.

Morné Venter vs Mark Goodall
It was great drifting until Goodall ran too shallow on the last corner resulting in him going off track. In the next run they both completed the track well, but the win was awarded to Morné Venter.

Brendon Puren vs Johnathan Plowman
We saw some great angle from Brandon Puren and Plowman with a straight line and a cone clip. They went out again and as they both initiated, we saw hands waving from Puren as he signaled a broken differential. By way of retirement the win went to Plowman.

Nick Frey vs André Barnard
Both drivers drove well and left the judges with a score of 5-5. Barnard came out and suffered at the hands of mechanical failure, forcing him to retire, leaving the win to Nick Frey.

Paolo Gouveia vs Luke Meyer
The judges saw 3 straight lines from Meyer on the first run and a lot of angle and pressure from Gouveia on the second run. With this in mind the judges awarded the win to Gouveia.

Top 8

Gavin Puren vs Joey Govender
The first run saw Govender spin and clip cones in the second making it a relatively straightforward win for Gavin Puren.

Johnathan Plowman vs Morné Venter
Venter kept calm and made it difficult for Plowman to apply the pressure needed which resulted in some straight lines to close the gap. The second run found Plowman leaving the track resulting in a 0-score. This gave Venter the win.

Paolo Gouveia vs Nick Frey
This run saw great tandem drifting from both drivers, with the pressure applied by both drivers making the crowd go wild. Unfortunately we saw a straight-line from Frey resulting in a 1 point difference giving the win to Gouveia.

Jean Maré vs Shain Ferreira
Both drivers in S14s and both drifting well, but slight mistakes from both in both runs saw the judges eventually award the win to Maré.


Top Four

Gavin Puren vs Jean Maré
Both drivers drove very well but Puren managed to open up a big gap and score higher points.
The second run saw Maré under a lot of pressure from Puren as he remained door-to-door with Maré the entire track. It was Puren who was given the win and a spot in the final.

Paolo Gouveia vs Morné Venter
A very tight race that boiled down to 2 straight lines from Venter in the second run leaving Paolo to go to the finals against Gavin Puren.


Battle for Third

This battle saw Maré lose the run to Venter and hit 2 cones in the second run to give 3rd to Morné Venter. Both drivers enjoyed the battles and went on to smoke the crowd out afterwards, showing appreciation for the support.


Paolo Gouveia vs Gavin Puren
Both drivers had great speed consistency and angle, making judging extremely difficult. First run finds a mistake from Puren: 6-4. The second run saw a mistake from Gouveia: 4-6, resulting in a One More Time in the finals.

With the first run at 5/5 and great drifting from both parties and the crowd loving every bit of it. The second run starts off with a cone clip from Gouveia and once again great angle and speed from both drivers, until the last corner… Gouveia cliped another cone giving the victory to Gavin Puren.

1. Gavin Puren
2. Paolo Gouveia
3. Morné Venter
4. Jean Maré

Driver of the day awarded to Gavin Puren.


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