Western Cape Supadrift Regionals Pre Season Practice

Welcome back to all the drifting fans out there and man oh man are we excited for what’s going on down here in the drift scene in Cape Town.

So we made our way through to Killarney Raceway with camera in tow expecting the standard 4-6 cars to arrive for practice and were we surprised!

First thing that caught our attention was a 200sx with a rocket bunny body kit with some pretty sweet artwork, another 200sx and another 200sx (Just letting you all know that in the Cape Town drifting scene the 200sx is the most affordable drifter) but one particular 200sx caught our attention, could it be the motorsport Gods answered our prayers? Yes, they did! Cape Town’s very first V8 competitor! Thank you Juan Stemment for building that little beast that will give the fans so much enjoyment.It was then that I heard an e30 BMW start up, and it was like a late christmas present, another V8 conversion and to top it off, a box shape Corolla, with you guessed it V8 conversion as well.

Juan Stemmet

Now not to leave the turbo guys out in the cold, Faheem Sallie has built a monster of his own, trading in his BMW for a Toyota Supra which has a diet of 225/45R17 tyres, with the end result being plumes of smoke guaranteed to please the crowd. Oh and talking about crowds we managed to get a large amount of people watching the practice adding to the excitement. Some of the regular drivers were not there as they are finishing up there builds, birdies have whispered that Sean Februarys 200sx is going to create problems for the fellow drivers, Christopher Longs E36 BMW and Danger Dan’s Championship winning 200SX are having some Cosmetic upgrades which they are very hush hush about.

Tommy Beirowski

So the duels to watch out for this year? Shane Green and Danger Dan always put on a great show for the fans, but with that being said throw Juan Stemments V8 200sx in the mix and Faheems Sallies monster Supra that makes cars disappear in the smoke that he generates and this is going to be one great season. Let’s not forget rookie of the year Christopher Long who took a few podiums last season and Jason Gorman in his navy blue 200SX, Tommie Beirowski and Gianni Crowster with their Silvia’s and then top it off with Noer Asmodien’s crazy Supra, we going to have one brilliant season ahead in Cape Town.

It’s going to be motorsport heaven!

jason gorman

So let’s get the word out, bring the friends and family hell guys even bring the wife! Let’s continue to grow the wonderful sport of drifting and support the drivers and there teams who put in the hours of work so that we get to watch the most beautiful motorsport, that is drifting.

Words and Pictures by Adrian Minnie

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