Western Cape Regionals – Round 3

It was an beautiful day for drifting in the Western Cape and the excitement was thick in the air. A number of competitors had signed up and there were a few happy and just a few sad faces when Jacques Lemmer arrived with his V* powered E36 BMW.


With the battle lines drawn it was going to be a tight competition between the grunt of the V8’s and the spitting and popping of the turbo’s. Qualifying saw 13 competitors at the grid, and not all drivers in their normal rides. Shane Green was in a brand new Nissan GTR but alas did not drift it at all, merely completing a drive through to collect his 45 points so that he could stay in contention for the championship. Last year’s Champion Dan Blaser, was in a Nissan 350Z as he unfortunately picked up a bearing knock on his 2JZ powered Nissan S13.


The judges on the day were rather strict this round, the main reason for this was to get the drivers to lift their game, which pushes the limits and improves the quality of their drifting, from a field of thirteen drivers they ended up with a top eight after qualifying.

Juan Stemmet in his V8 powered S13 was driving the wheels off of his ride so much so that he ran into engine trouble, giving Chris Long the win, progressing him into into the top four. Izak Van Zyl was also having a great drive but could not keep up with the sheer power of Faheem Sallies Supra. Izak was awarded driver of the day for his great skill meanwhile Jacques Lemmer was on great form again, putting such pressure on Yasseen Damon that he went into the dirt and lost a bumper in the process, giving the win to Lemmer. Next up was Noer Asmodien and Akil , Asmodien applied just the right amount of pressure on Akil and he straight-lined giving the win Asmodien.


In the top four we had Jacques Lemmer and Chris Long up against each other and it was a great match up, Chris drove fantasticaly but Lemmers chasing was just that little better.The win would go to Lemmer putting him in the final. This next tandem was the battle of the day, in my opinion. The battle of the Supra’s produced tons of smoke and fantastic angle, but Salie gave it a little too much angle, putting two wheels in the dirt and handing the win to Noer Asmodien.

With Jacques lemmer and Noer Asmodien in the final it was a battle of V8 muscle versus the turbo power of the 2JZ, once the smoke had cleared Jacques Lemmer in the V8 was announced the winner. With the final podium spot up for grabs Chris Long and Faheem Salie gave the crowds a great show and with Faheem Salie pushing his Supra to the edge and in doing so he was given a new nickname and it stuck, Faheem “Gunshot” Sallie.


I have to say it was a great event which was enjoyed by drivers and fans alike, the beautiful sport of drifting is starting to gain some serious momentum and really looking forward to the next event.

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