TurboToys Final 2015


The Rock Raceway once again played host to the drifters of Gauteng as they put it all out there to make those final points in the TurboToys Drift Championship.

It was amazing to see how so many of the drivers have stepped up their game as the level of drifting expertise has been raised since the beginning of the series.

Due to a few double zeros during qualifying, a few of the more experienced hands found themselves duking it out in Silver Cup and in true style these drivers didn’t hold back and we saw some of the best tandem work of the entire season. Jean Mare would make friends with a wall while George Myburgh and Alex Simon would fight it out for first place. Riaan Stokes would take an automatic 3rd in his “Jack Russell Tripod 3 Wheeler”

Silver Podium
1st. Alex Simon
2nd. George Myburgh
3rd. Riaan Stokes

The Gold Cup was no exception and those that made it to Top 16 pushed hard.

Testament to the drivers skills, they put on a tandem show better than any ruckabee we could have hoped to see. Zein Hussein fought his way through the field and would eventually take the win after Lee-Roy Frans who drove aggressively all evening, made a critical mistake in the final run and clipped the back of Hussein’s Skyline handing him the win. 3rd place would go to Donald Labuschagne after he defeated Tim Stephens in a closely fought battle.


TurboToys Gold Cup Podium
1st. Zein Hussein
2nd. Lee-Roy Frans
3rd. Donald Labuschagne

Championship trophies will be handed out at the annual Rock Raceway prize giving which will be announced soon.

The Rock and all the drivers thank TurboToys for their participation in the series for 2015.

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