There’s a new evil in town…and its called Drift Tax!

I want to talk about a serious problem….. It’s a term that has been finding its way into the pits and garages of drifters everywhere….DRIFT TAX!.

No this has nothing to do with SARS or our inept government, but rather a sin tax that all drifters new and old have started paying to participate in the sport that we all love.

Essentially drift tax is the, sometimes, exorbitant amounts of extra money that drivers are having to pay for cars, engines and parts that are wanted in drifting circles.

Sometimes its because of scarcity or rarity of a car or item and sometimes its because a seller knows that people will pay whatever they are asking for something just because its drift related.

Sadly the trend doesn’t seem to have an end and its only going to get worse.

Now I know that our exchange rate has gone to hell and it partially explains the price increases on engines and associated drifting products but on the whole we have noticed a spiraling upward increase over the last few years.


Don’t get me wrong I’am not blaming the retailers here, it’s merely an observation of system that is slowly going to cannibalize itself.

We are seeing engines that cost almost as much as a whole car, drift suspensions that command more than a rolling chassis and specific types of car that cost more now than what they did when they were new.

As the specific types of car that are used for drifting become older and more difficult to find we will continue to see their prices go up. As more and more of the engines, drifters crave, get used up we will continue to see the prices rise.



So lets build a quick shopping list for a simple drift competition ready car.


Nissan 200SX                  – R38 000

SR20 Turbo Motor          – R22 000

Drift suspension              – R24 000

Race clutch                        – R 4 500

Hydraulic e-brake            – R 2850

Associated Equipment   – R 7500


Before you’ve even blinked an eye you’re at R100 000 for a car that 5 years ago wouldn’t even have set you back 70k., because DRIFT TAX!


So the next time you find yourself asking “How Much!?”…remember its that drift tax and we only have the success of drifting to blame.


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One thought on “There’s a new evil in town…and its called Drift Tax!

  • June 23, 2016 at 7:34 pm

    True story, I know from experience


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