Supadrift – Round 3 rolls into the Carnival

So its come to that time of the month where people from all over the country begin to converge on a small piece of asphalt at Carnival city for the 3rd round of the National Supadrift series. Were the smoke and sideways action is guaranteed to put smiles on all the drifting enthusiast faces.

The big talking point for this weekend has to be the arrival of Jason Webb’s V8 Monstang, with enough horse power to make the rest of the pit lane a little bit nervous. The two main contenders for the title this year being Jim McFarlane arguably the best chaser in South Africa and also the most consistent, being a regular on the podium and Shane Gutzeit, in his SR20 S15Nissan with so much endless power, are going to have to pull out all the stops to make sure they keep Jason and his Monstang at bay.

Let’s not forget or count out some other worthy contenders, Firstly Eric the Viking has been raising a lot of eyebrows not only in the pit lane but the Judges box as well. Let’s not forget he did podium two events last season. Secondly the young gun JP van der Spuy, who had an outing in Mike Skelton’s V8 350z in round 1 and looked very dangerous, but if his current car behaves itself on the track we are going to be in for a real treat with some great driving.

The Judges have been over the last few rounds become stricter, making the drivers lives a bit more difficult but this is a very good thing from a fans point of view. This will only improve the driving skill of the drivers but make for more entertaining drifting as the drivers push that little bit more to try and impress the judges but also because the level of driving has increased exponentially its making the judge’s decision more difficult to find a winner and have to start becoming way stricter on the drivers.

So with all this hype I can’t wait for my flight to Johannesburg, and look forward to smell of burning rubber and fuel and get my drift on.


Words by Adrian Minnie

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