SupaDrift Rd2 – The Good, The Bad and the Smokers


A cold wind greeted many drivers as they arrived at Killarney Raceway for round two of the SupaDrift National Drift Series. The cold wind came not from the well-known South-Easter but rather from the southern faction and it was directed at the invaders from the North.

The North vs. South battle had started earlier in the month during the buildup to the second round and the tension was quite electric in the pits. An impressive field of 38 cars had setup in the pit area of the oval section at Killarney Raceway as drivers and teams show cased their drift ready creations.

Sadly, through a combination of bad luck and breakages, the field was reduced to a mere 35 drifters for qualifying.

And a strange qualifying it was. There were only 18 drivers that posted scores while many drivers were caught out by the initiation speed and long sweeping line and that pesky front clip. This resulted in a bevy of double zero scores and by the time the smoke had cleared, the Top 16 had been decided and we were very happy to see some new faces in the mix.

Top 16

  1. Jacques Lemmer
  2. Shane Gutzeit
  3. Jason Webb
  4. Jim McFarlane
  5. Sean February
  6. Zein Hussein
  7. Paolo Gouveia
  8. Zanil Satar
  9. Noer Asmodien
  10. Juan Stemmet
  11. Gavin Puren
  12. Mathys Naude’
  13. Dan Blaser
  14. Jason Gorman
  15. George Myburgh
  16. Shane Green

Although we had really hoped to run a Top 32 ladder, the lack of scoring drivers made it impossible to do. A Silver Cup final was run between Mohammed Yussuf and Faheem Salie and it would be Yussuf who would take the win after Salie’s car cut out mid run.



The Top 16 kicked off with a small bit of controversy after Jacques Lemmer took the win over Shane Green, the decision would be overturned when Lemmer, in true sportsmanship, offered to rerun because he had in fact made contact with Green that could not be seen by the judges. Green would take the win but would go on to lose to Mozambican, Zanil Satar who seemed as if he had something to prove on the day.




The crowd naturally loved every second of the racing and the host of OMTs that followed as the pairings pushed even harder to take a win. The Western Cape regionals have produced some very competitive talent and it was a pleasure to watch them battle it out in Top 16 eliminations.




Jason Gorman would eventually go on to take Driver of the Day for his impressive driving skills but would lose out in tandems to the other Jason. Jason Webb seemed to be struggling with his machine and would bow out against Zein Hussein in the final eight.


Although the Southern boys put on a brilliant fight, the North would simply rise up and overpower them… with V8s. Jim McFarlane drove like a man possessed and bulldozed his way through his pairings and would eventually meet Shane Gutzeit in the final.




After an incident during Friday practice, Shane’s Nissan Silvia S15 was rendered undriveable and Shane temporarily inherited his father, Dez Gutzeit’s, V8 powered Skyline. The sheer power would propel Shane all the way to victory in a nail biting final run that would see Jim McFarlane take a well deserved 2nd and Zanil Satar see off Zein Hussein for 3rd.




SupaDrift will next make its way to Shane’s home track down on the South coast. Dezzi Raceway hosts Round Three of the championship and it will be interesting to see how things shape up.


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