SD02 – The Supadrift Storm heads for Cape Town.

Cape Town had better be prepared for the mother of all storms that is closing in on the south peninsula this weekend.

Well things have definitely been hotting up over the last few weeks with warnings from the judges and drivers and teams calling each other out over social media. Teams from all over South Africa have begun converging on the province and it look’s as though we have conditions for a perfect storm!



The second round of the Supadrift National Drift Series heads down south to Killarney Raceway this weekend and the Cape Town drivers aren’t holding anything back sending many a low flying storm debris over the heads of the boys up north.

And that is essentially what this has boiled down to…. North vs. South, in a no holds barred, battle royale to see who will take top honours. Will the combined might of Gauteng, Durban and Mozambique be enough the see off the rebellion of the cape contingent? This is definitely not one to be missed by anyone that calls themselves a fan of drifting. This probably the most anticipated drift event of the calendar this year and its gearing up to be a monster!

So if you’re in the mother city get to Killarney Raceway this weekend and if you aren’t lucky enough to stay near Cape Town catch all the action on the live stream from the event and if you still cant do that…you can follow our live updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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