Project_RS13 – Wheels and Weightloss

Progress has been slow on Project_RS13. Without a set deadline, it’s quite easy to let the distractions of life and careers get in the way of a side project. Nevertheless, we’ve continued to trundle along with Project_RS13 never too far from our minds.

Decisions have been made, because frankly, without them it’s a a bit like a ship without a captain, aimlessly floating around the ocean. With these considerations, it’s now easier to plan what needs to be done and in what order (roughly).

We’ve decided that the build will be a drift-capable restomod. Not a full not and bolt rebuild and not a stripped out drift missile. What it will be is drift capable (even if not competitively) so that when – and not if – it goes backwards into a wall, it can then be used purely as a drift car.

It’s also been decided that an SR20DET will go in under the hood. The basics are there for an SR, and fitting anything else will only delay the time it spends on axle stands. The SR will have to wait though, as SR motors (at a reasonable price) are a little scarce – let the saving begin. The stock CA18DET will be refreshed and it will run this until it eats its own bearings – shouldn’t take long.

In the mean time, a few updates:


We have wheels. Thanks to Reefer and MaxMotorsport, a set of replica TE37s were sourced. Yes, I know that replicas are the devil’s handiwork, but for styling purposes (and for the sake that I just wanted them) these will be the first set that Project_RS13 wears.

After seeing these online at MaxMotorsport, I spent a few days deciding whether I should get them or not. Once I had decided that I wanted them, I went back to the site, only to find that they were sold out / discontinued. I managed to get hold of Reefer through their online chat and he went out of the way to source a set for me and ensure that the price was the same as what I originally saw them for. Him and the team made sure that they were shipped to Johannesburg from Durban without any drama – thanks once again guys.





Weight Reduction (Sort of…)

After the discovery of the mangled front end, careful thought was put into how it was going to be rectified. The simplest, and possibly cheapest option, would be to slice off the front end and build a drift-style tubular front end.

Cutting a car is a strange feeling. I’d like to say that this was the first time I’ve done this, but I’d be lying. After taking a look at several overseas builds, we devised a plan and measured up for the cuts.

But before we fired up the grinder, I sourced a set of headlights. We still want the car to be road legal, and while an aftermarket solution would have been possible, fitting a set of working pop-ups is just the right thing to do. Thanks to Riaan for his patience with this.



We also started stripping some items off the motor.




Then a little prep work on the bonnet:



Then it was onto the measuring and marking for the cuts:






And then it was off…

IMG_3065 IMG_3091


While at it, we thought that this would be a good time to pull the motor. Out with the CA18.






A quick peek at the clutch and a closer look at the stock injectors and fuel rail.





Now it’s time to rebuild both the front end and the CA18DET. Keep checking our Instagram feed for more updates.