Project RS13 – New Parts Day and Stripping

A small amount of progress has been made on Project 13. Some parts were acquired and some stripping was done which revealed that the car has in fact been a bit of a front end smash. It will explain all the modifications and the terrible front bumper that was fitted to it.

As shown in the video, the fender rails are buckled as are supporting braces in the front end. Fortunately they’re not load bearing. Unfortunately, they cannot be straightened out, the only solution would be to replace them, possibly with items from a front cut.

During the past week, I managed to secure a GP-Sports GP-2-style body kit from a member of the 200SX Owners group on Facebook. It’s a great, locally-produced kit of a very high quality and a wonderful finish. Sadly, the chassis is going to need the aforementioned work before this can go on. But it will look great – Thanks Lloyd!

IMG_1966  IMG_1968

I stripped the front stiffener off and seeing as it was holding the intercooler in place, I removed it and the accompanying boost pipes. These, were filled with oil. Filthy oil. Not a good sign. This leads me to believe that the turbocharger seals are toast or worse, the oil rings are wasted. Compression tests will be done as I want to run the CA18DET motor until it expires (I’ve never blown a motor before, only done cambelts in).



I then set about stripping off some of the orange and resprayed the cambelt cover with a metallic black. It makes the world of difference and suddenly she’s starting to look like something.


Lightly modified Nissan CA18DET




Yeah, some things may need a second coat…



Now the dig decision comes in… do I build a flat-out toy, a drift missile / practice car if you will, or do I continue with the restomod route?

Either way, the motor is being swapped out eventually. What should I consider putting in? Choose from the list below and reply in the comments. (suggestions are based on budget)

  • Nissan SR20DET
  • Nissan VG30-DE/DET/DETT
  • Nissan RB25DET
  • Toyota 3S-GE/GTE
  • Toyota 1JZ-GTE
  • Toyota / Lexus 1UZ-FE
  • Audi 2.3 10v Turbo
  • Volkswagen 2E
  • Volkswagen ABF

2 thoughts on “Project RS13 – New Parts Day and Stripping

  • March 2, 2016 at 9:46 pm

    Like you said…1jz is the answer for reliable power…

  • March 2, 2016 at 9:51 pm

    But SR20det will be my choice as I would stick to a Nissan motor on a Nissan


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