Project RS13 – Interior and Tails

nissan 200sx RS13 stripping doorcard

[Image for illustration purposes only – it’s a long way from looking half this good]

Seeing as Project 13 had a rough time and was molested with orange paint, I wanted to refresh the interior without spending loads of money on the transformation. After all, it’s still undecided whether this will be a race car or restomod.

Alcantara everything!

Project 13 doorcard

My first port-of-call in the interior was to get rid of the hideous orange inserts in the door cards and replace it with something a little more stylish. I had a section of Alcantara-type material left over from another one of my interior projects and as it would happen, there was just enough for two door cards, a glove box and the center arm rest.

Project 13 doorcard

First, I had to strip the old covers off the door cards – easy enough. This panel usually carries the same pattern as the seats and glove box but this had simply been sprayed orange (the previous registration plates did read ND XXXX at one time – ’nuff said).

Project 13 doorcard

Using contact glue, I recovered the inner panels, leaving the hard plastics orange for the mean time. I’m still yet to decide what colour to make these, I’m inclined to go with a high-gloss piano black. The fabric works well, despite the fact that Alcantara has a nap and doesn’t always look tidy and presentable.

Project 13 doorcard

Project 13 glove box

The glove box wasn’t too tricky but the covering isn’t 100% to my liking, I may have to redo it at a later stage.

Project 13 interior


1991 Nissan 200SX RS13 Before

One of the previous owners thought that it would be a good idea to paint the taillights black, with only small apertures for the light to escape through.

project 13 taillights before

project 13 taillights before

In my video I said that someone had gotten hold of a can of Tamiya taillight tint. I was wrong. The taillights were actually sprayed with the same automotive paint that graces the rest of the body… and then clear coated afterwards. This means that no amount of solvent is going to get that off without destroying the plastic underneath. Congratulations! You have won today’s mystery prize – moron.

project 13 taillights after

project 13 taillights after

This meant that I would have to source a new set which surprisingly enough was not too difficult. For a few Rands, I managed to pick up a set of used, but virtually new taillights from a member of the 200SX Owners Club (amongst others – thanks Nate).

project 13 taillights after

These were a quick swap out and look miles better. The old ones will be saved for when I put this car into a wall. When, not if.

Project 13 prep for S-Chassis Meet

The 200SX owners group on Facebook is hosting an S-Chassis meet on 21 February. I would really like to get Project 13 up and running in time to make an appearance, even if it is in a rough state. It will be a great opportunity to meet some fellow owners and pick up some valuable connections for parts and knowledge. There’s still a list of things I’d like to do before then though.

To Do

Fitting a driver’s window

Sourcing and fitting bumper

sourcing and fitting wheels

Sorting P/S leak


Boost Leak

In the mean time, I think that the stripes will get a band-aid cover-up and the OEM 15-inch wheel will get some white Flexidip in the mean time. Don’t stress, it’s only a temporary solution for the meet.

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2 thoughts on “Project RS13 – Interior and Tails

  • February 8, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    Glad I could help with the tail lights…
    I have a front bumper and quite a few other goodies you might be keen on…
    Chat soon!

  • December 24, 2016 at 5:17 am

    where did you buy the Alcantara from


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