Phakisa Speed Festival – 19/20 March

This weekend sees Phakisa Freeway in Welkom come alive with the sounds of high revving motors and tyres being shred on the tarmac. The Phakisa Speed Festival takes place this weekend and promises to be an event filled with fun and excitement.


Saturday will see the two-wheel bikes take to the track for a no-holds-barred track day while the drifters take to their own section in practice for Saturday’s main event. Spectators are not left out of the equation here as they will have the opportunity to ride alongside some of the drifters. Hop on board and experience the thrill of going sideways first hand.

Phakisa Speed Festival 2016Sunday

Sunday 20 March sees the drifters return to the track for the first round of the Kenda Tires Drift Championship. Drivers will do their best to rise through the ranks to take top honours and maximum points.

In addition to the drifting, there will be a bike stunt show to entertain and endurance Super Bike racing, Legends racing and once again, the drifters will take to the long circuit for a few laps of grip racing. This spectacle is not to be missed. There’s something scary, yet special about watching a field of cars that are set up to go sideways, trying to stay straight at high speed on a banked oval.

If this event sounds like fun, that’s because it is and the best part is that entry for spectators is free and camping at the venue is an option for those out of town. For campsite bookings, follow the link and contact the academy for bookings:

Phakisa Speed Festival 2016

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