Ice Cold Gold – Cambees Midas Drift Championship Rd 3

The sub zero temperatures at the Rock Raceway could not quell the fires of competition as 27 drivers took to the tar in some of the best examples of car control and driver skill that we have seen in a long time.Qualifying kicked off and the spectators were treated to some excellent driving from the competitors with standout performances from the likes of Jeff van Beurdan, Danie Herbst and of course the ever popular Wade van Zummeran.Jeff van Beurdan had his highest qualifier in competetition ever with two successively excellent runs while Danie Herbst continued his fine form , showing  how far he has progressed this year. Wade would not be be outdone and brought along a few sets of purple Achilles tyres to wow the crowds, billowing out clouds of purple smoke.



Once all the qualifying runs had been completed the final tally saw the pairings as follows.

Top 16

1.LeeRoy Frans
2.Wade van Zummeran
3.Fred Cooper Jnr
4.Hannes Frans
5.JP van der Spuy
6.Larry Smith
7.Danie Herbst
8.Theo De Wet
9.Jeff van Beurdan
10.Tim Stephens
11.Pieter Smit
12.Isuffo Ussoman
13.Shaun Lamprecht
14.Matthew Cooper
15.Robert Dyke
16.Fred Cooper Snr




The Top 16 matchups proved once again that the level of competition has increased to such an extent that it is almost impossible to predict the outcome of a tandem now.

Jeff van Beurdan took his first tandem victory in competition taking down Theo de Wet after they were sent back to the line after their OMT. Another OMT would follow as JP van der Spuy and Issuffo Ussoman confounded the judges, JP would go on to take the win and Matthew Cooper would blow everyones mind as he took a resounding victory over senior team member Fred Cooper Jnr.


Wade van Zummeran, now having dispensed with the purple Achilles, not so silently crept through the Top 16 and would eventually find himself in the final with a visibly excited Leeroy Frans. Leeroy would finally, after many years of waiting, face Wade in competition, for a win and it was only due to a moment of over rotation from Wade and contact was made, handing the win to Leeroy in what was undoubtedly one of the most hair raising OMT runs this year.



Podiums for this event:

Silver Cup

1st. Paul van Schalkwyk

2nd. Mohammed Yusuf

3rd. Dennis Palm

Gold Cup

1st. Leeroy Frans

2nd. Wade van Zummeran

3rd. Hannes Frans



It is truly a pleasure to watch these gentleman battle it out for supremacy and to witness the development of the drivers and their skills. The chilly temperatures of the South African winter will not stop these combatants and we can look forward to even more drifting action as the Cambees Midas Drift Championship next heads to Richards Bay and the Supadrift national series drops in at the Rock for their next round.

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