Cambees Midas Drift Champs Rd2 – Bringing back the fun!

The Cambees Midas Drift Championships returned to the Rock Raceway for round two of the series. It would seem that the revised calendar and fewer events this year is paying off in spades as a larger more enthusiastic crowd greeted the field of 28 drivers.

An air of fun with an undertone of seriousness pervaded as the drivers took to revised Team Orange style track that promoted some of the best tandems we’ve seen in awhile.

After qualifying was all wrapped the top 16 was set out as follows.

  1. Zein Hussein
  2. Larry Smith
  3. Leeroy Frans
  4. Fred Cooper Jnr
  5. Ernest Simpson
  6. Hannes Frans
  7. Matthew Cooper
  8. Theo de Wet
  9. Issuffo Ussoman
  10. Pieter Smit
  11. Fred Cooper Snr.
  12. Danie Herbst
  13. Faadhil Bahm
  14. Chail Cassam
  15. George Myburgh
  16. Charles Matticks

As a standard format the remaining drivers were put into the silver cup giving them some track time and tandem time in front of the judges. Jeff van Beurden impressed, showing just how far he has progressed in a very short time. It would just not be Mr.Rock, Tim Stephens’ day as mechanical woes plagued his Skyline.Wasseem Ishmail also impressed but cooling issues ended his day early.


The drivers pushed hard in silver cup even giving us our first OMT of the night.The final podium places in silver cup were.

1st. Shaun Lamprecht

2nd. Tony Kim

3rd. Dennis Palm


The Top 16 tandems proved to be even more exciting as the drivers all brought their A games. More OMT’s followed as the judges just could not separate the drivers during the tandems. Although qaulifying first Zein Hussein fell prey to mechanical issues and could not make it back on track in his alotted 5 minute time out.Young Faadhil Bahm debuted his recently upgraded Skyline but the new power may have just been too much and it saw him going around in circles during his run with Fred Cooper Jnr.


George Myburgh brought the fight to Larry Smith with some super aggressive tandem work and a hairs bredth of proximity but it was not to be as a minor miscalculation in the corner after initiation saw him spin with millimeters to spare.


Two of the best runs of the evening in my opinion involved Leeroy Frans. In his Top 8 run he was paired with his father ,the wall Runner ,Hannes Frans and neither would back down but Leeroy was just that little bit more aggressive and pipped his old man with a one point difference


In the semi Finals Leeroy was paired with Larry Smith and just as before he would not be intimidated and was never more than a few centimetres from Smith door. This resulted in a spectacular show and plenty of smoke.


It would be Fred Cooper Jnr and Leeroy Frans in the final and luck would not be on Cooper Jnr’s side as halfway through his second run the drift gremlins made their appearance and Fred’s Skyline began spluttering and he lost his drift.


Podium for round two.

podium rd2

1st. Leeroy Frans

2nd. Fred Cooper Jnr

3rd. Larry Smith



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